GIBcam v2022

Notes about the update

GIBcam v2022 contains numerous detail improvements and optimisations. These include the user interface, the data import interfaces, CAD functions, the CAM modules for DRILL, 25AX, 3AX and 5AX and the NC output interfaces.

For GIBcam v2022 a complete new installation is not necessarily necessary - but possible (see separate tips in the info channel).

The update is provided as a ServicePack kit via the integrated update function - if no alternative variant is used. For users with an additionally licensed INTERFACE data import interface, an additional INTERFACE ServicePack is available for this purpose, which also contains numerous annual licence updates (when using the Full-Setup-Kit, the latest INTERFACE software is already included).

In principle, it is ensured that data (project data, tool lists, post-processor adjustments, print templates, HTML layouts, etc.) of the latest GIBcam version can be further processed in an upward-compatible manner. Due to the extensive changes in the internal data structure and the internal data format, there are further notes to be observed (see separate tips in the info channel and in the update notes).

With the ServicePack, existing files in the installation directory to be specified of the already installed GIBcam software are replaced. A backup is automatically created for the existing software.

The documents linked below contain extensive, detailed information for different update scenarios:

Installation - general information (single workstation / network workstation)

Installation - instructions for Update/Upgrade from GIBcam v2021 to GIBcam v2022

Installation - general notes for configuration of a FlexNET-INTERFACE licence

Installation - upgrade a network-floating licence

Update notes for SP B1180 / GIBcam v2022

... more ServicePack notes at this link.

GIBcam v2022.B1186-1620 … [16-06-2022]

[The availability of the individual functions depends on the range of functions of the GIBcam basic package and any additionally licensed components.]


If there are any uncertainties, questions, problems or hints after reading these extensive information, please contact the GIBcam team before making any changes!

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