ServicePack GIBcam v2022

A ServicePack installation kit updates all system files in the GIBcam programme directory to the latest status, but creates a backup copy of the directory contents beforehand. During installation, a software tool for uninstallation is stored in the specified programme directory, with the help of which the current ServicePack can be completely removed using the created backup copy. Access to the data and the directory structure of the GIBcam programme directory must be fully possible.

The ServicePack may only be installed after the information, notes and facts listed in the ServicePack notes have been read. If any questions or ambiguities arise during this process, these must be clarified in advance.


Servicepack notes for SP B1190

Servicepack notes for SP B1188

Servicepack notes for SP B1186

Servicepack notes for SP B1184

Servicepack notes for SP B1182

Servicepack notes for SP B1180


GIBcam v2022.B1188-1640 … [01-10-2022]


The complete collection of all hints and information for the upgrade procedure of GIBcam v2022 is available under the separate following link:


Upgrade GIBcam v2022


At present, the current release of GIBcam (affects all package and platform variants) does not support Microsoft Windows 11 - runnability is not guaranteed! The far-reaching system requirements for Windows 11 are also not yet supported in the GIBcam platforms. There are currently no concrete plans as to when Microsoft Windows 11 will be usable with GIBcam.

[The availability of the individual functions depends on the range of functions of the GIBcam basic package and any additionally licensed components.]

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