Individual CAD CAM software products

Benefit from the software’s flexibility. You can choose individual software packages. Modules according to your needs: You can upgrade the basic software  with various components. Choose the GIBcam component you need.


Huge variety of options for 3-Ax-milling strategies, for NC programming

  • Control and modify milling paths easily
  • Generate 5-Ax-simultanious milling, 4-ax-simultanious milling, 3-ax milling and 2-ax-milling cutting paths automatically
  • Edit your options: I.e. Teaching of Settings
  • Easy and safe to run. GIBcam works with feature data  for drilling and deep drilling
  • scan CAD feature data automatically
  • Easy drilling process NC programming with parametrised post-processors
  • powerful CAD functions for easy construction electrodes and mould partitions
  • time savings with typical CAM related processes and construction tasks
  • 5AX
    Complete five-axis simultaneous milling
    Drilling, deep-drilling and milling on feature basis
  • 25AX
    2.5 D Milling and drilling with multi-sided machining
  • 3AX
    Milling with variable 3-axis and 3+2-axis strategies

System Requirements

We designed GIBcam with latest development tools. It works with all current system components. We also run tests regularly. So you can use the best performance for CAD/CAM programming at simultaneously high security standards of processes-required authorizations as well.

Find more information on the requirements concerning hardware and software for a suitable CAD/CAM desktop. GIBcam platforms  structure them ..

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