Complete systems for use with GIBcam software

Since CAD/CAM systems must have an extraordinarily high degree of availability, only branded components from leading manufacturers with the highest possible guarantee coverage are used.

Complete systems offer a high security of the availability of the system. All necessary components including the GIBcam software, drivers and updates are fully configured and ready to use.

Tower-PC Abbildung GIBcam HardwareThe communication tools are set up and can be used immediately for data exchange. On request, complete PC systems can be set up on site and put into operation. This includes an initial introduction to the system and how to operate GIBcam.

GIBcam Workstations

D series

M series

X series

System Requirements

GIBcam is developed and tested with state-of-the-art development tools for current PC system components. This allows the best performance to be used for CAD/CAM programming work as well as for necessary calculations while maintaining a high level of process reliability.

The concrete requirements for a suitable GIBcam CAD/CAM workstation with regard to hardware and system software are structured in the GIBcam platforms. Details under GIBcam platforms ..

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