GIBcam 5AX – complex milling tasks up to 5-ax simultaneous milling

GIBcam assists you with the processing of complex moulds for generation NC data for 3D programming of simultaneous 5-axis milling. It is very effective to use for complex form geometrics, for 5-asxes milling of parts of fluid kinetic machines. This can be i.e. expanders, pumps, compressors or turbines and also for propeller and impeller geometrics.

You can calculate multible tool paths simultaneously. Just rely on the proven GIBcam technology for the calculating projection lengths of titled tools as well as avoiding collisions of these, tool holders, or spindles.

With GIBcam-5-Ax you have a thoughtful and reliable tool for CAM programming. It helps you with high-level geometrics like deep cavities, high and steep walls, indentations. This includes minimising projecting tools and multi-sided milling.



  • Visualise CAD data
  • Adapt project data
  • Generate NC programs

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