Update Service

A version update is individually made available once a year for users with an update/maintenance service and contains all licenses necessary for the operation of the software and the complete INTERFACE data interfaces.
A new GIBcam version can be installed and used in parallel with existing GIBcam software.

A GIBcam ServicePack replaces existing files of the already installed GIBcam software. These can be further developments or corrected versions..

Latest GIBcam version

GIBcam v2024



DRILL / 25AX / 3AX / 5AX / CAD / CNC / DATO

 SPA: -

 (note: for complete data compatibility with GIBcam v2022 be sure to use GIBcam v2022 from SPA B1190-1656 or later)







Not up to date?

Then simply update directly from the GIBcam software via Update Assistant and Updater and use new functions → Activate the Update Assistant or check the status manually via Hilfe→Update If this direct access is not possible, simply request a download link!

Up-to-date information on the changes in new software releases can be found in the ServicePack notes, in the help or documentation, on the information web pages and on selected, usually current topics in the info channel.


The update of the GIBcam software, license data or one of the INTERFACE data interfaces (CATIA, UG/NX, ProE/CREO etc.) takes place between the annual GIBcam version updates via ServicePacks. A ServicePack can be used in conjunction with a valid update/maintenance service.

The ServicePack setup kit is selected by the integrated GIBcam update wizard. The download is managed by the separate GIBcam updater. This function requires Internet access (data transfer and authorization via passive FTP protocol). After downloading the kit, the GIBcam software can be updated.

ServicePacks must be installed in the order of their release. Within a GIBcam version, however, ServicePacks can be skipped.

Update Wizard

Using the integrated GIBcam updater, a ServicePack can be automatically downloaded and installed. The update wizard informs when a new ServicePack for a GIBcam software package or an INTERFACE data interface update is available. The update process can then take place.

Only the ServicePack applicable to the respective GIBcam license or GIBcam platform will be downloaded and installed.

At the end of the installation routine, the GIBcam program directory must be specified. When the ServicePack is installed, the existing GIBcam software is completely saved in a BACKUP directory. This backup also integrates existing, custom templates, definitions, masks or lists.


Every year a new version of GIBcam is released. You will be informed about the availability via the update wizard. After installation, both the old and the new version will be available in parallel.


The update of the licensed CAD-INTERFACE file interface also takes place automatically via the update wizard. In case of innovations or import problems, the interfaces of the available CAD data formats for importing and exporting geometric data are updated. This means that the latest design data can always be used to prepare the manufacturing processes.

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