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The GIBcam - Training Cabinet offers an optimal learning atmosphere. Each course participant (max. 6 participants per course) has his own learning place. Individual practicing is as much a standard as the possibility to adapt the course content thematically and temporally to the requirements of the participant. The basic and advanced training courses can be carried out in several stages if desired.

Our trainings are focus oriented and show the overall context and the workflow when working with GIBcam software. The successful participation is confirmed by a certificate.

For special requirements we offer tailored workshops in Dresden or on site.

Angeboten werden unter anderem:

Basic training Feature programming drilling/deep drilling   2-3 days
Basic training milling   3 days
Advanced training Feature programming/Milling 25AX   2-3 days
Advanced training 3D-CAD   2 days
Advanced training milling 3AX   2 days
Advanced training milling 5AX   2-3 days
Thematic training/workshop   1 day


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